F5 There is no “Customer” for communication, there is a “Business Partner”.
As a consultant agency, not a trafficker agency, it always takes responsibility, produces and adds value.
It considers communication as a whole and takes an active role in all processes that will affect brand reputation.
F5 assimilates the company culture he offers, and has as much information as his business partners about the relevant sector, products and services.
Since the success in communication works also depends on speed and continuity, it does not wait for the necessary information and takes it away from the business partner.
F5 does not sign any communication action that he does not believe to be ethical.
It reflects important human characteristics such as honesty and sincerity, which it contains under the consultancy hat, to its behavioral identity.
Determines innovative/innovative and differentiated communication strategies. It creates strategic communication plans with applicable targets by placing all disciplines of communication in its focus.
It reports the communication processes meticulously and evaluates the results impartially.